Mango Week

Mangoes. What goldeny goodness. What velvety smoothness. I think mangoes might just be my favourite fruit and the twins love them too. Which, just quietly, is a little annoying because then I have to share after they gorge themselves on their share and look at me for my share with those pleading eyes that you cannot refuse. Mr 5 thinks he does not like mangoes but happily slurps them in smoothies and eats them in baking. Go figure. But what a stretch on the wallet. At $3.00 a mango or two for $5.00 on special I tend to be a bit of a grinch on buying these. I seriously need to stop supermarket shopping and start going to markets. Anyway.

You can probably imagine my level of excitement when my friend announced she was selling boxes of seconds mangoes (slight imperfections on the exterior of the mango that doesn’t affect the actual meat of the mango) fresh from her parents’ farm at a very enticing price. I snapped up a box at once and started to think about what I could do with my mangoes and thus mango week was inspired.

mangoI have been trying to make my own mango and coconut muffin recipe for a little while but I find baking with mango is tricky as the mango tends to make the muffin very moist and then it doesn’t hold together as well. I thought I would lightly dehydrate some mangoes by baking at a very low temperature (around 90 degrees celcius) for an hour, then turning and baking for another half hour) before cooling, dicing and then adding into a chocolate chip muffin recipe I liked. Unfortunately the balance of flavour was off and they were far too sweet. Apparently there is such a thing…! Back to the drawing board for me. Sigh.But where I have not had success others have and I found a recipe for Mango Breakfast Muffins that were really tasty, but best eaten on the day they are made.

mango 4

During the baking I decided to try out a chutney recipe that I liked the sound of. I have only recently started making preserves as I have previously found the length of time  it takes from end to end and particularly the sterilising process to be rather daunting. But one of the things I am enjoying about this blog is it is forcing me to challenge myself and so I decided to put on my big girl underwear (and an apron) and try out this Indian Mango Chutney. And I am so glad I did. This chutney is a-mazing. I served it with an Indian curry during mango week but I love it on ham and cheese sandwiches and I cannot wait to try it on one of my favourite pizza recipes – Tandoori Chicken Pizza that uses mango chutney instead of a tomato based sauce.

One of my husband’s favourite foods are tacos – but we have come along way from the packet tacos we used to eat weekly when we used to share the cooking responsibilities. I actually had to ban my husband from making them as he made them too many times and I was sick of eating them. These days, our tacos are far more sophisticated and we have developed a love of fish tacos. When I saw the recipe for Cucumber Mango Salsa I knew that this would be a perfect taco filling along with some spiced fish, and it was. If you do not make anything else on this blog – please try this. Delicious. So fresh and sweet and a perfect accompaniment to fish.

mango 1

I mentioned that Mr 5 isn’t really a fan of fresh mango but he does love it in smoothies and I like a smoothie for breakfast every now and then – especially if I am in a rush, and what better excuse to make one when we have a box of mangoes to get through?! To make the process of assembly even quicker you could pre-package and freeze the fruit component so all you need to do is add the yogurt and milk for an easy but nutritious start to the day.

Mango Blueberry Smoothie

mango 2


1 frozen banana roughly chopped
1 mango pitted and roughly chopped
1 cup of yogurt (if using natural or unflavoured greek yogurt you may wish to add a little honey
a handful of blueberries (fresh or frozen)
1 1/2 cups of milk


Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Makes one adult serve and one child serve with a little left over for seconds.

Another great recipe I unearthed over mango week was a Coconut Chicken Curry with cashews and mango. It was so creamy and the sweetness of the mango was delicious in this recipe. Now I am writing about it I actually think I need to add it to my meal plan and make this again next week. I found a couple of omissions in the recipe so I added a cup of blanched peas and 100 grams of toasted cashews.

mango 3

So that was mango week and I hope I have shown just how versatile mangos can be! In addition to what was cooked we still had enough mangoes for a number of servings of fresh fruit during the week and I froze a good amount too for smoothies and for use in baking – hopefully for my own recipe for coconut mango muffins, if I ever can perfect it.

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