Family Time. Easter Time.

It has been so long since my last blog. But life got in the way and things just got far to busy to sit down and put finger tips to keyboard. In late March we packed our bags and took the kiddies back to New Zealand for just under two weeks to catch up with family and friends. It was so great to see everyone and have a bit of a break from our normal lives for a while.

Highlights of the trip:

  • Attending two beautiful weddings
  • Spending time with family and friends that we see far too little of
  • Meeting my nephew face to face for the first time
  • Taking the twins back to NZ for the first time and spending some quality time with all the kiddies
  • Dining at the most delicious Japanese restaurant – honestly still salivating when I think of it

Lowlights of the trip:

  • Boy twin deciding he didn’t need day sleeps = incredible heights of over-tiredness
  • Most of us catching gastro

The trip over with the kids was surprisingly enjoyable and the kids were really well-behaved despite a very early start and a long day of travel. So it was not ridiculous to think that the return trip home would be equally as pleasant. Ha. Fellow passengers complained about the ongoing tag team crying and whingeing from the twins. I don’t blame them. I wanted to complain about them too. But who to? Honestly, I have never been more jealous of anyone in my life as I was of Mr 5 sitting in his own seat, with nary a baby on his lap, mindlessly eating the snacks I lovingly prepared as distractions for the flight and watching hour after hour of the in-flight entertainment. All the while, I wrestled with what seemed to be a baby octopus (make that an over-tired, caged baby octopus) who was intent on demonstrating the full magnitude of his lung capacity for the listening displeasure of the plane. I managed to flag down a flight attendant who took pity on me and poured me what has to have been the best red wine I’ve ever had from a plastic cup. Hands down.

Anyway, we survived and after a couple of days at home recovered mentally from the ordeal. And I am sure the nervous tic in my eye will disappear eventually.

On to the Easter season. This year it seemed Easter popped (or is that hopped) up out nowhere and I realised I hadn’t really planned much celebration-wise other than making plans to spend a couple of days with friends at the beach. eggs

Getting into the spirit of things I decided to make some healthy ‘Easter egg’ sandwiches for Mr 5 to take to school holiday care while I worked. These were a nice healthy but still festive option to pop in his lunchbox. I made ham sandwiches as usual then cut out the ‘eggs’ with a cookie cutter. I then spread the top with cream cheese and used cucumber, capsicum, carrot and cheese as decorations for the ‘eggs’.


bunny love

Also keeping things healthy but still fun was this bunny sandwich, again using cookie cutters. I dressed the bunny with some eyes and a cute mustache that I picked up in a baking decorators set. So fun. The carrots were cut down in size and I used parsley sprigs to make them look authentic. Mr 5 loved this lunch and thought it was very funny and his laughter was all the reward I needed for the effort.


This year I decided to make my own Hot Cross Buns and I was thrilled when Mr 5 agreed to bake with me. He used to bake with me most weekends but over the last year or so he hasn’t been as willing. Mr 5 did an amazing job and we had fun having some quality time together while making our afternoon tea. Win/Win.

I don’t think I could ever eat store brought buns again – these were full of flavour but not overly sweet and they were gobbled down by all of us. Even though I had not planned to I made another batch Good Friday Eve so these could quickly be baked on Good Friday morning. Yum.

browniesI also made Triple Chocolate Brownies to take with us to our friends so we could have this for dessert. This was just for the adults though as come Easter Sunday the children would have enough chocolate to last until Christmas.

After a fun (and food) filled trip to our friends we headed home and as much as it has been nice being away visiting people over the last few weeks it is nice to be back at home. No place like it. So we’re back to reality but on Easter Monday I finally managed to clean out my pantry and baking supplies which is a job I have been planning on doing for so long I cannot actually remember the last time I did it. By the amount of use by dates in 2016 I am going to guess too long. I should have actually taken before and after pictures as I would love some public recognition of what an amazing job I have done as the 5 year old and 20 month olds don’t care too much. Or at all.

Well Goodies, until the next time, take care and I hope you had a happy and safe Easter and shared good times, food and fun with your loved ones.

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